Issue Number 96

April 2001

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Neil Scobie's Cheval Mirror

Neil Scobie's Bowl Carving Jig

Fossicker Bowl

Baby's Rocking Cradle


Table of Contents


Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
From HSS to Solid Carbide Spiral Router Bits

George's Corner
by George Hatfield
George takes a look at the work of Stephen Hughes.

Student Workshop
by David Boyle
The Barwon Valley Woodwrights host a major student competition with incredible results.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Sheer Scraping
A summary of cutting techniques, including the fundamentals of sheer (or skew) scraping.

Safe Cutting's No Joke
Implementing the basics of chainsaw safety is a must for all operators.

Snapshot: Andrew Wood
Australian landscapes influence the work of Andrew Wood

Beenatree Gallery
by Alan Logan
There's plenty of quality Australian woodwork to see at this South Gippsland gallery.

Old Tool Tales
by James Carse Black
The Thumb Plane

Woodturning in France
by Ernie Newman
The final installment of Ernie's demonstration tour across England, Ireland and France.

A Woodie's Alladin's Cave
by P D Trevor
Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes this collection of treasures.

Heavenly Architecture a Scroller's Delight
by Theo Kampas
This scroll sawyer's cathedral was inspired by the architecture of Europe.

Vale Reg King
by Jim McCarter

Profile: Lloyd Childs



Making a Contemporary Cheval Mirror
by Neil Scobie
Learn how jigs and router bits can efficiently machine this wonderful piece of furniture.

Mastering the Grid
by Cynthia Rogers
Even Michaelangelo used this technique to copy work.

A Bowl carving Jig
by Neil Scobie
This jig will hold your bowl any which way you want.

Capturing a Fossicker
by Maricha Oxley
The mythical fossicker is carved in the edge of a bowl.

A Baby's Rocking Cradle
by Colin Wright
This rocking cradle made from Tasmanian Oak is sure to be a treasured heirloom.

A Goblet Ring Stand
by Alan Logan
This cup runneth over, but not with drink.


Other Features

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Angle grinder guard, storing off-cuts and preserving brushes

Club Drumbeat
Woodturners of the Hunter

Book Reviews
Dictionary of Furniture
by Charles Boyce
Turning Green Wood
by Michael O'Donnell
Step by step Pyrography Projects
by Norma Gregory