Issue Number 91

June 2000

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Blackwood Chair

Making a Table with
Splayed Legs

The Platypus Plate

Turned Dibbers

Doll Rattles

Neil Scobie's Bed

Home-made Dust Extraction System

Study Workstation


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Design -- Part 4
Designing a table.

Shipwrights do it by Hand
by Philip Stephenson
A retired shipwright is thrilled to make his regal chair from Blackwood entirely by hand.

Light from the High Table
by Alan Burridge
Low light legacy inspires a splayed leg design.

User Report
Bosch PSE 180 E Carver

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Small Gouge Size & Flute Design
Choosing a good small gouge shape and determining the right size tool for the job.

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Files for hand scrapers and tea strainer tenons

The Platypus Plate
by Maricha Oxley
This relief carving excites and challenges, with exquisite attention to detail that will please novice and experienced carvers alike.

Nature's Little Artists
by Ian McKenzie
Discovering a maze of borer tracks in your timber doesn't mean all is lost.

Dig Those Dibbers!
by Alan Stewart
Random discoveries in both bush and book lead to this practical turned implement.

Photographing Your Woodwork
by Steve Bundred
Taking good photographs of your woodwork doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

Scroll Saw Festival on a Roll
by Graham Waldon
Albury Wodonga Woodcrafters put on another good show for enthusiasts from across the nation.

Club Drumbeat
Rockhampton Woodworkers Guild Inc

Huggable Rattles off the Lathe
by Carol Rix
These doll rattles are a favourite with the kiddies, and simple to make on the lathe.

Making Beds
by Neil Scobie
Beds can be tackled, even in a small workshop, as long as you're patient and plan the process.

Turners' Tape
by John K Looker
Double sided tape finds a niche in the workshop.

Junktastic Vacuum
by Eric Lysaght
Local recycler provides inspiration and parts for a home-made dust extraction system.

Success by all Measures
by David Simon
Vicmarc Turn 2000: Newcastle International Woodturning Symposium sets the pace for future events.

A REAL Workstation
by Alan Davies
Uni student: works hard, plays hard needs a REAL workstation.

Poets Corner

My Favourite Finishes
by Neil Scobie
Neil details his personal preferences in both materials and methods for finishing furniture.

Woodturners Finishes
A comprehensive listing of finish suppliers, with a special focus for woodturners.

User Report
Triton 235mm Precision Power Saw

Barung Landcare Expo 2000

Student Workshop

Book Reviews
Marketing & Promotion for Craft
by Betty Norbury
Woodturning: A Fresh Approach
by Robert Chapman
by Betty Auth
The Magic World of Marquetry
by Roy Turner