Issue Number 90

April 2000

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Neil Scobie's Desk Chair

Brian Eves' Yacht

Turned Banksia Nuts

Revolving Bookcase


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Design -- Part 3
Les discusses carcass design and timber usage.

A Chair for Your Desk
by Neil Scobie
This armchair is the ideal companion to the desk described in the last two issues.

The Holiday Hero
by Kym Dungan
A jigsaw table that is more than just the ultimate portable workshop.

Done Over Dentist's Chair
by Peter Watson
A visit from an overseas demonstrator prompts this 'Gonnadoer' to finally do it!

Silk Purse Update
by Eric Lysaght
The latest installment in the author's attempts to thwart imperfection.

Club Drumbeat
The Caloundra Woodworking Club Inc

Good Ideas and Short Cuts
Squaring up and table saw extension support

Raise your cup and cheer - The Goblet Drill
by Adrian Barendregt
Making hundreds of goblets was a challenge that produced a very crafty solution.

Snapshot: Michael Borton

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Detail Turning with a Gouge Part 3 cont.
Cutting detail on faceplate work.

User Report
Heli-Grind Sharpening Jig

by Mike Darlow

Creative Enterprise
by Ernie Newman
Classical inspiration becomes functional Kitsch when woodturners' collaborate.

Messing about in boats -- Part 1
by Brian Eves
Templates are the secret to carving the gentle curves of this sailboat.

Captivating idea for Drawers
by Cyril Brown
Drawer stops make the difference between function and futility.

Milling Magic
by Michael Mason
Fossicking for timber can be very rewarding.

The Sweet Smell of Success
by Cedric Coombes
Turned Western Australian Banksia nut makes a perfect Pot Pourri container.

User Report
Nobex Magnetic Saw Guide
by Les Miller

A Bookcase for the Lazy Reader
by Cyril Brown
A Revolving Bookcase capable of storing four times the books in half the space, a must-have for the woodie book worm.

Variety is the Spice of Life
A good selection of hand saws is all you need to get working with wood.

Poets Corner

Brisbane Timber & Working With Wood Show Guide

Handy tools for the workshop
by Lindsay Collins
Handy tools like mallets, centre finders and calipers can be made from scraps and ingenuity.

Working with Australian Hardwoods - 15
by Peter van Herk
A guide to making your own solar kiln.

Student Workshop

Book Reviews
Woodturning Methods
by Mike Darlow
Bending Wood
by Fine Woodworking
Scrollsaw Toys for all Ages
by Ivor Carlyle