Issue Number 9

September/October 1986


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Space Saver Kitchen Cupboard

Pinocchio Woodturning project


Table of Contents

Choosing Hand Tools

Space Saver Kitchen Cupboard
by RM Guthrie
Woodworking project -- between studs wall cupboard

Building a Wine Server (Pt II)
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project

User Report
Elu MOF 96

Commemorative Carving
Peter Carrigy describes his work on a Commemorative Sculpture

Designing Wooden Toys
by Jenny Springett

Report on the Brisbane Woodturning Conference

Pinocchio Woodturning project
Turned, "life-size" toy

Book Reviews
Master Woodturners
by Dale L. Nish
The Woodworker's Bible
by Alf Martensson

Timber Page
River Red Gum
by Karen Ellis

Club List