Issue Number 89

February 2000

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Spin a Spurtle

Australian Spinning Tops

Carving Drawer Fronts

Carving the Bilby

Homemade Fold-away Sawbench


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Design -- Part 2
Les explores the practical application of his design tenets.

Rural Woodworkers accept the challenge
Developments in the Bush create hope for the future of Australian furniture production.

USER Report
Panasonic Drill/Driver EY6431

Les Miller tries out Panasonic's powerful new 15.6V 3Ah Drill/Driver

It pays to be familiar with the hand saw family
by Charles T. Orr
The ability to maintain a hand saw is as useful a skill as ever.

Spin yourself a Spurtle
by Carol Rix
This handy project is easy to make and full of creative possibilities.

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Shaprening centre and thicknesser attachment

DIY Spalting
by Nigel Peterson
Spalting is a low-cost and low-effort means of obtaining feature grade timber.

Club Drumbeat
Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia

Snapshot: Paul Haslam

The Office Desk -- Part 2
by Neil Scobie
A trial assembly before glue-up avoids heartache. Neil also discusses making drawers and finishing his popular desk design.

Urban Salvage
Bowerbird finds treasure among the firewood.

Australian Spinning Tops
by Ernie Newman
Tricky tops and home-grown designs.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Detail Turning with a Gouge -- Part 3
Using the detail gouge on faceplate work.

Profile: Jonas Kirk
by Mike Darlow
Pole lathe turner keeps the Bodger tradition alive.

Sturt Student Exhibition '99
This school excels at producing good designers.

Carving Drawer Fronts
by Neil Scobie
Carving the handle into a drawer face is an attractive option all too often ignored.

Carving the Bilby in the round
by Maricha Oxley
Learn to carve a cute Bilby, from A-to-Z.

Boxing Clever
by John Swinkles
This homemade fold-away sawbench includes a versatile cut-off box.

Sydney Timber & Working With Wood Show Guide

Learning a better way
A guide to Woodworking Classes and Schools across Australia.

Working with Australian Hardwoods - 14
by Peter van Herk
Kiln drying technology.

Student Workshop

Book Reviews
Beds & Bedroom Furniture
by Fine Woodworking
Wood Carving With a Chainsaw
by Lyn Mangan