Issue Number 86

August 1999


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Neil Scobie's Wall Unit Part II

Vertical Vice

Making a Towel Rack

Backgammon & Chess Games Table

Carving a Stylised Bull Shield


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Traditional Chisel Design and Use

The Wall Unit -- Part 2
by Neil Scobie

Get a Grip!
by Trevor Stephens
Vertical vice holds timber for safer trimming

Steady as She Goes -- Part 2
by Mike Darlow
More on steady rests for woodturning, from one of Australia's best known woodturners.

User Report
Microclene Air Filters

Portable Storage
by M. Burgess
A convenient towel rail storage rack

Professional Carver John Kelly features in our first snapshot.

Getting the Edge in Performance
Choosing and using router bits.

Backgammon & Chess Games Table
by Keith Hudson

Club Drumbeat
The Woodturners Association of Western Australia (W.A.W.A.)

Learning about wood in a Jarrah forest
Dwellingup puts the focus on many aspects of forest education.

A Censored Bull
by Brian Eves
Carving a stylised bull shield.

Working with Australian Hardwoods - 11
by Peter Van Herk
Air Drying Australian Hardwoods

The not so humble push stick
by Les Miller
How to design and make you own.

The 1999 Ornamental Turning Seminar
by Mike Darlow
News on the current and future direction of the Ornamental Turners Group of Australia (OTGA).

The South Pacific Woodturner's Symposium
by George Hatfield

Sydney Furniture Show

The Pearler
Burls are the pearls of the forest, and Colin Bray has a nose for them.

Trees built from Jarrah
Majestic tree-like supports are a striking feature of the University of NSW latest building, the Scientia.

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Letter stencils

More Poems from the Poets Corner Competition

User Report
The Ashby Plane

by Neil Scobie

5° in the circle
by Harry Arnall
Custom make an indexing plate for your lathe

Book Reviews
The Accurate Router
by Ian Kirby
The Accurate Table Saw
by Ian Kirby
Woodcarving for Beginners
by Woodcarving Magazine
Further Notes from the Turning Shop
by Bill Jones