Issue Number 84

April 1999

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Table Lamp

Cartoon Car

Elliptical Router Jig

Neil Scobie's Storage Coffee Table

Custom-made Metal Door Handles

Making a Coffee Table

Brian Eves' Feathered Family


Table of Contents

Across The Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Left Handers & Power Tools

Turning Away the Nasty Shadows
by Alan Logan
A Table lamp that keeps the candle level

Making Wheels on a Bandsaw
by Bert Toomey

Home-made wheels & a cartoon car
by Bert Toomey
Making toy wheels

A chuffy Chiffonier -- Part 2
by Terry Dixon

Woodturning Basics
by George Hatfield
Smoothing a Blank to a cylinder

Expo advocates sustainable forestry

Elliptical Router Jig
by LG Olney
A jig that allows for accurate cutting of ellipses

VWA Exhibit
by Andrew Potocnik
1998 exhibit featured a renaissance in furniture making

Beauty is in the Wood -- Part 2
by Andy Roberts and Alan Murdoch
Building a wooden lathe

Making a Storage Coffee Table
by Neil Scobie

Marketing Fine Furniture
How One of the fine woodwork Galleries serves the Woodworkers of Australia

Custom-made Metal Door Handles
by Anthony Clarke

Perth & Brisbane Timber & Working With Wood Show Guide

Working with Australian Hardwoods - 9
by Peter Van Herk
Making a coffee Table

Student Workshop

User Report
Leigh Dovetail Jig

by Dick Pillar

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Equally spaced holes and mitres with a scroll saw

User Report
The Kel McNaughton System

by Tim Skilton

Timely Testimony
Mechanical and Quartz clock movements

A Feathery Family
by Brian Eves
Carving a goose and her goslings

Book Reviews
Through Much Tribulation: Stewart Spiers and the Planemakers of Ayr
by Nigel Lampert
Intermediate Woodturning Projects
by Woodturning Magazine
Scrollsaw Toy Projects
by Ivor Carlyle