Issue Number 81

October 1998

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Intarsia Penguins

Sportsmans Creek Skiff

Picture Frames Without Nails

A Pair o' Paddlers

Neil Scobie's Document Box


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Choosing and Using Saws
Don't take the humble handsaw for granted!

Get rid of those floppy wing nuts!
by Jim Ogden
Easy speed change for your Bench Drill

I married a woodworker
by Angelika Cawte
1000 ways to decorate your home with wooden bowls

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Stance & Tool Grip. George takes a new look at the basics of woodturning.

Cut through the Confusion
Our Survey is an ideal place to start when you are considering a new Tablesaw.

Intarsia Penguins
by Steve Bundred
They look great, but they're easy to make - a good beginner's Intarsia project.

Fluted Compound Curves
by Jim McConnachie

Club Drumbeat
The Koonung Woodturners Guild

John Moxon's Contribution to Woodturning
by Mike Darlow
You've probably never heard of John Moxon, but without him, woodturning may not have become what it is today

The 3.5m Sportsmans Creek Skiff (Part 2)
by Rob Bruce
Ready to finish your skiff? Well, here's the rest of the story.

Joining Picture Frames Without Nails
by Michael Duke

Profile: Dream Weaver's Doors
Roger Chadwick wasn't even a woodworker when he started on the path that led to his present success.

Mebourne Working With Wood Show Guide

Adventures in The Boot
by Les Miller
Les visits cabinet shops in Italy

Carving by Numbers
Alan Davies does a 'road test' of a John Van Der Kolk Carving Project Plan.

A Pair o' Paddlers
by Eric Lysaght
Eric brings you another fine Whirlygig to delight the passers-by.

Urn your Stars (Pt 2)
by Keith Tory
Patience and perseverance are all you need to follow this author's example.

User Report
Foredom Professional Carver's Kit

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Non-slip solution and foot operated drill press

A Document Box
by Neil Scobie
Banish the shoebox! This Document Box provides a repository in keeping with the importance of your family documents. Other Features

The Kel McNaughton Eccentric Faceplate
by Alby Hall

The Oval Turn Lathe
Gunnar Martschinke of Launceston, Tasmania, has designed and built a lathe to make the oval picture frames in which he specialises.

Using Australian Hardwoods - 6
by Peter van Herk

Real Gold of the Goldfields
Timber from the goldfields

Book Reviews
Artisitic Scroll Saw Patterns & Projects
by Patrick Spielman
Essential Carving Techniques
by Dick Onians
Making Chairs and Tables
by Guild of Mastercraftsman