Issue Number 80

August 1998


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Neil Scobie's Tall Boy

Horse Float Toy

Realistic Marquetry Hair

Sportsmans Creek Skiff

Dorrigo Trout

Woodturning Urn


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Carcass Joints
They're the basis of one form of cabinet construction. Les shows you how to make good carcass joints every time.

Making a Tall Boy
by Neil Scobie
Construction details for another of Neil's practical and attractive pieces.

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Snug lids, extension rollers and allen key handle

The Return of Silver Ash
by Bob Whitworth
Farmers such as Bob Whitworth have begun to grow the cabinet timbers that will be needed by the next two generations of woodworkers

Woodturning in Canada - Pt 2
by Ernie Newman
Ernie continues his impressions of woodturning in Canada and introduces us to the work of some leading Canadian turners.

Horse Float to the Rescue
by Bob Butler
A toy that's different but easy to make.

Student's Page
This new feature answers questions raised by woodworking students

Realistic Hair in Marquetry Hair
by Raquel Melinis
You can use this technique to make the hair in your marquetry portraits look much more realistic.

Take your Pick!
by Brian Eves
What makes a great carving timber? Brian gives us the benefit of his decades of experience as a professional woodcarver.

Working with Australian Hardwood - 5
by Peter van Herk
Peter van Herk is a professional woodworker with a penchant for using Australian hardwoods.

The 3.5m Sportsmans Creek Skiff (Pt 1)
by Rob Bruce
If, like many other woodworkers, you too have considered making a boat, this 3.5m skiff could be your next major project!

Club Drumbeat
The Riverina Woodworkers Club

Dovetails love 'em or hate 'em
by Len Crane
How the author overcame his aversion to dovetails

Curved Mouldings
by David Trembath

Profile - Coaxing Neptune out of Blue Gum
This striking sculpture by Chris McKenzie was a popular attraction at the Brisbane Show.

Dorrigo Trout
by Brian Eves
Brian used power carving techniques to produce this sleek sculpture.

Urn your Stars
by Keith Tory
If you are a woodturner looking for a new challenge, this could be the end of your search

Merit Award
The FrameCo Pushmaster is the second Australian product to earn an Australian Woodworker Merit Award.

Sydney Timber and Working With Wood Show

Perfect Mitre Joints
by Glen D Stevens
They're easy when you know how.

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
The Cutting Process
This is the second in a new series on the basics of woodturning by one of Australia's most experienced woodturning teachers.

Saving Mawson's Hut
by Bill Sachy

Book Reviews
The Art of Chair-Making
by Kerry Pierce
The Craftsman Woodturner
by Peter Child
The Australian Timber Seasoning Manual
by Grahame C Waterston