Issue Number 8

July/August 1986


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Building a Wine Server

Woodturning an a Metal Lathe

"Pet Rooster" Walking Toy

Shooting Board


Table of Contents

How to choose a Table Saw

Choosing the Right Sawblade

Table Saws - how they compare
Table Saw Survey

Woodworkers can be chemists too
Making casein glue and rose coloured varnish

Building a Wine Server (Pt I)
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project

Woodturning on a metal lathe

"Pet Rooster" Walking Toy
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking project

Profile of a Supplier -- The Woodturning Centre

If It Won't Fit - Shoot It!
by Alan Wale
Making and using a shooting board

User Report
Hegner Scroll Saws

Little Lathe with BIG potential
The Leadbeatter lathe

Timber Page
Banksia Integrifolia
by Maurice D Passmore

Controlling The Behaviour Of Wood
During Microwave Drying
by Bruce Leadbeatter

Book Review
Cabinetmaking, the
Professional Approach -- Alan Peters