Issue Number 71

February 1997


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Turning a Wall Clock

Turning Pens

Colonial Dwarf Longcase Clock


Making a Ball Race

Giant Road Train Part II

Home Made Belt Sander

Brain Eves' Tri-Falcon Shield


Table of Contents

Across the Teachers Bench
by Les Miller
Wood Finishing

Turning a Simple Wall Clock
by George Hatfield
Turning Project

Ornamental Turning
by W. Cyril Brown

Making Pens
by Doug Midgely

Woodturning Chuck Survey '97

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Applying pressure when power sawing, bench drill vice, cleaning router bits, turning tool saver

Colonial Dwarf Longcase Clock
by Mike Rosier
Based on a clock design from 19th Century NSW

User Report
Rabot K1 D20 Handplane

User Report
Triton Series 2000 Workcentre

Carving in Austria
by Bob Pilbeam

Evolution of the Tom Christasaurus
by Eric Lysaght
Making a whirligig

Making a Ball Race
by Stan Wallis
Turning Project

User Report
Ryobi BT3000 Precision Woodcutting System

Giant Road Train -- Part 2
by Jack Hudson
The Trailers

Lathe modifications that Worked
by Neil Bradbury

The Whole Kit and Caboodle
Grand Father Clock Kit Suppliers

Book Reviews
Spray Finishing
by Andy Charron
Spindle Turning
by Woodturning Magazine
Fine Woodworking Design Book Seven
by Taunton Press

A home made Belt Sander
by AJ Eyers

Carving a Tri-Falcon Shield
by Brian Eves

Mesquite - From Pest to Fine Woodwork