Issue Number 69

October 1996


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Period Country Style Bed

Chess Board

Router Table

Carving a Salad Set


Table of Contents

Across the Teachers Bench
by Les Miller
More on using your router

Turning With The Grain
By Ernie Newman

Creative Competitions
by Mark Presling
3" x 3" x 3" competition

Where Do Woodies Come From?
Sydney Royal Easter Show Awards
by Paul Gregson

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Routing wide trenches, router rest, easier to use bees wax

Off-Centre Turning - 2
by George Hatfield

Modifying a Mate
by Glenn Roberts
Shows ways to make your Black&Decker workmate even better

Profile -- Eva Schubert, Carver
by Les Miller

A Period Country Style Bed
by M Burgess

by Greg Battisson
Finishing Technique and making a chess board

Bowls from Waste
by Alby Hall

The Winning Icon Ettamogah Pub

Aboriginal Woodwork Part 2
by Jeff Lewry

Bowls from Waste
by Alby Hall

The Winning Icons
Icons of Australia winners

A Router Table for all seasons
by John K Looker

Woodcarving Tools
What's available and where to start

Using the Router as a Thickness Planer -- Part 2
by Mike Rosier

Biscuit Joinery
by Philippe Brooks

Commercial Forest Operations - VIC

Book Reviews
Shop Accessories You Can Build
by Fine Woodworking
Fixing and Avoiding Woodowrking Mistakes
by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
Faceplate Turning
by Woodturning Magazine

Furniture Maker's Diary
by Philippe Brooks
What glue do you use?

It's in there somewhere
by J. Swinkels and Carlos Moragues
Carving project salad set