Issue Number 67

May/June 1996


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Circular Mirrors

Dovetail Test Piece

Labyrinth Woodcarving


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Cutting grooves with a router

Going Round in Circles to Make Mirrors
by Maurice Passmore
Woodworking Project using offcuts for circular mirrors

RACAL wins The Australian Woodworker Merit Awards

The Woodturner's Scratch Gauge
by Lindsay G Collins
A helpful tool when spindle turning several identical items

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Sculpting hardwood, cutting plywood, bandsaw skews

Dovetail Test Piece
by Peter Smith
Woodworking Project

Underestimating the value of woodworking in the curriculum

Turned, Carved or Both
Looking at options for making and decorating bowls

New Fein Sander

by Brian Eves

Marking Tools
How to choose the tools to do the best marking out job

Profile: Echoes of the Past, the work of Percy Oliver Kerrigan
by W Cyril Brown

Galleries of South East NSW
by George Hatfield

On the 'ol Bandsaw
by John Swinkels
Woodworking Project

Electricity for Woodturners
by Bill Heller
Licensed electrician offers some advice to fellow turners

John Jordan's Visit
by George Hatfield

Big as the Great Outdoors
Big turning jobs call for a special Lathe

The Magic Story
Fictional woodworker credited with changing poeples lives

Book Reviews
Carving On Turning
by Chris Pye
The Complete Pyrography
by Stephen Poole
Tables and Chairs
by Taunton Press

Lasting the Distance in a Labyrinth
by Brian Eves
Wood Carving Project