Issue Number 62

July/August 1995

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Piano Stool

Carving Cod

Bauilding a Rebate Trimming Plane


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Common or Through Dovetails

Good Ideas and Short Cuts
Timber treatment, faceplate sander

Good Grinding
Part 2 of a feature on sharpening

Hand Planes

Making a Piano Stool
by David Haskett
Woodworking project

Super Ellipses
by John Mills
Calculating and plotting the points of a Super Ellipse

Woodman's Vision
How Old Jack made his vision a reality

Making a Table Saw Cut-Off Carriage
by Phillipe Brooks

A dinkum Aussie Whirligig
by Eric Lysaght
Woodworking project
Kangaroos and Australian Pelicans are subjects for Aussie Whirligigs

Boled Over
by Darryl Cooper
The boles of dead trees are the raw material for this sculptor's work

Automatic Lathe Woodworking
by George Hatfield
George describes the various types of Automatic Lathes

Furniture Maker's Diary
by Phillipe Brooks

Several Bowls from One Blank

Carving Cod
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving Project

Spray Equipment for the Woodworker
How to choose spray equipment for the home or professional shop

Building a Rebate Trimming Plane
by Terry 0'Loughlin

Book Reviews
The Router Table Book
by Ernie Conover
Simple Wooden Toys
by Ron Fuller and Cathy Meeus
Patented Transitional and Metallic Hand Planes In America, 1827-1927
by Roger Smith
Fundamentals of Figure Carving
by lan Norbury

A look at Deep Goblets
by Peter Morphett
Woodturning project.
A prominent Queensland woodturner describes his methods for turning deep goblets