Issue Number 61

May/June 1995


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Block and Pulley Jewel Box

Carving Ducks

Drop Side Table


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller

Keeping your tools sharp

Now we are 10
Snippets from the past

Good Ideas and Short Cuts
Hacksawing dovetails, centre marker, no twist ladder

A Sailing Ship's Block and Pulley Jewel Box
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking project

Making a Grand Entrance
by Paul Gregson
Woodworking project
Over-size door made from Sydney Blue Gum with no adhesive

Exhibition of woodwork at the Chocolate Factory

Adhesives then and now

Working model steam engine in wood

12th Annual ACT exhibition
by Maureen Rogers

Official Guide to the QLD Show

There's nothing like Tool Swap
by David Simon

Up, up & away
by John Swinkels
Woodcarving project Carlos Moragues methods of carving ducks in relief

Trial By Table
by W Cyril Brown
Woodworking project: Drop Side Table

Furniture Maker's Diary
by Phillipe Brooks

Book Reviews
Furniture Restoration and Repairs for Beginners
by Kevin and Jan Bonner
Alphabets and Numbers
by Patrick Spielman and Sherri Spielman Valitchka
Adventures in Woodturning
by David Springett
Wood on Wheels
by Kevin McGuire

Maurice Passmore discusses Forests and World Heritage from a different perspective

Woodturning Forces
by Neil Bradbury