Issue Number 60

March/April 1995


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Mahogany Dresser

Brian Eves' Tudor Rose Bowl


Table of Contents

Good Ideas and Short Cuts
Mini Thicknesser, screw holder and tool tubes

Its all in the Finish
by Noel Cole
Timber Treatment Basics

Choosing Cabinet Hardware
by David Simon

Woodturning Chucks
by George Hatfield
Survey of Chucks

Chuck Suppliers Guide

Across the Teachers Bench
by Les Miller
Router Bits

Variations on a Revolving Bookcase
by Gerald Young

Mario Calligaris -- woodturner

A Large Mahogany Dresser
by M Burgess
Woodworking project

Bega Exhibition

Tooling Makes the Difference
by Jeff Lewry
Opinions about and techniques for making tools

Second Thoughts On Dovetails
by Peter Smith

Custom Built Bowl Turning Lathe
by J H Beckley

Melbourne Exhibition article
Graduating students show

Cabinet Makers Diary
by Phillipe Brooks
Using Veneers

Book Reviews
The Woodworker's Pocket Palette
by Nigel Lofthouse
Heirloom Projects for Woodworkers
by Editors of The Woodworker's Journal
Turning Wooden Toys
by Terry Lawrence
Woodworking Joints
by Wolfram Graubner

Carving a Tudor Rose Bowl
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving Project