Issue Number 6

March/April 1986


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An Occasional Table

Doll's House



Table of Contents

A beautiful way to learn woodwork
The Sturt School at Mittagong

An Occasional Job
by R. M. Guthrie
Woodworking project -- an occasional table

Make a European Workbench
by D Connor
Woodworking project (Pt II)

Professional Help for your Business
Part 4 of this series

Taming the Router
by Les Miller
An expert shows how to avoid router problems

Build a Clock Woodworking project

New Concepts in Bowl Turning
by Mike Darlow
Part 3 of this series

Easy to make 2-storey Doll's House
by R Jenkins
Woodworking project

Club List

Review of 1985 V.W.A. Exhibition
by S Wraight

Why make big ones?
Turning miniatures

Profile of a Supplier
Woodfast Pty Ltd

Timber Page
Curing Timber

Book Review
The Practice of Woodturning
by Mike Darlow