Issue Number 59

January/February 1995


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Computer Desk

Making a Luzy Susan

Rose Cheeseboard


Table of Contents

The Art and Skulduggery of producing Newsletters
by Art Burrows

Introduction to The Australian Woodworker MERIT AWARDS

Triton Superjaws wins first Australian Woodworker MERIT AWARD

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
From rough sawn timber to ready-for-finish

Prince of Steel
South Australia's Ken Martin's sculpture of Canadian steel tycoon

Good Ideas and Short Cuts
Stiffening collars for circular saw, custom chuck and hot glue

Blessed with many skills
by Bill Hawtin
Baptismal Font commission in Jarrah

Building a Computer Desk
by Hugh Foster
Woodworking project

Mosaic Furniture

National Woodworking Competition

Lazy Susan
by AJ Eyers
Woodworking project

Cabinet Maker's Diary
by Phillipe Brooks
Workshop machinery and tools

Oberon Exhibition

Winner of the first Mother of Pearl Youth Woodworking Scholarship

by Phillipe Brooks

Making Small Wheels
by Lindsay G. Collins

Manufactured in Australia
Australian made woodworking products

An Ancient Lamp
by George Hatfield
Woodturning project

Book Reviews
Antique Woodworking Tools
by Michael Dunbar
The Woodworker's Illustrated Benchtop Reference
by William P and L Duane Griffiths
The Woodturner's Bible
by Percy Blandford
Classic Toys in Wood
by Janet and Richard Strombeck

A Rose by any other name
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving project