Issue Number 58

November/December 1994


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The Motorcycle

Antique Style Column Cabinet

Heron Mirror


Table of Contents

Across the Teachers Bench
by Les Miller
The Workbench

The Future of Tasmanian Special Species
by Peter Lucas

Good Ideas and Short Cuts
The trigger strap, simple mallet, modifying a mitre saw

The Motorcycle
by Alec Lowe
Woodcarving project

How I Built a Fresh-Air Respirator
by Peter Russell

20th Art Acquisition in the Alice

1994 Lathe Survey

Doing it differently with Japanese Tools Chisels, saws, hand planes, sharpening stones.

Mushroom Tops
by Ernie Newman
Solid, hollow, inlays, laminations, scallops, brass points

User Report
The Trimtramp Sliding Compound Mitre Sawtable
by Colin Appleton

Squaring Away Squares

An Antique Style Column Cabinet
by Mike Rosier
Woodworking project

A Visit to 'Woodturning USA'
by George Hatfield

Mirror, mirror on the I the most beautiful Heron of all?
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving project

User Report
RALI Hand Planes

by Colin Appleton

Woodworking History

Book Review
The Australian Timber Buyers Guide
Beyond Basic Turning
by Jack Cox
John Sainsbury's Router Workshop
by John Sainsbury

Furniture Makers Diary
by Philippe Brooks
On making mistakes

Oval Turning
by AL (Tiny) Hayes