Issue Number 55

May/June 1994

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Longcase Clock

Turn a Natural-Edged Bowl

Brain Eves' Heron Tableau


Table of Contents

Sometimes Against the Grain
by D J Birrell
An Indictment of the Drill Bit

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Sharpening a Skew Chisel

Good Ideas and Shortcuts
Nova Chuck, hacksawing dovetails, step ladder

Australian Made Portable Kilns

Building a Longcase Clock
by Bodo Mordek
Woodworking project

Traditional Norwegian Carving
by G W Kenyon

Woodworkers Care

Women in Woodworking - 1910

The (not so) Lunatic Fringe
by Bill Hawtin
Fringe Furniture Exhibition - Melbourne

And Now For a Fine Finish
Survey of Disk sanders and Linishers

Turn a Natural-Edged Bowl
by Neil Bradbury
Woodturning project

Power to the Carver
Power carving tools and accessories

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Part 24)
Brazilian Rosewood

Accessories for 4-Jaw Chucks
by Terry Martin

Renovation of Badly Worn Drawers
by A J Richards

Chucking Wood with a Glue Gun
by J Wallace

Book Review
Classic Carousel Carving
by H Leroy Marlow
Biscuit Joiner Handbook
by Hugh Foster
Scroll Saw Silhouette Patterns
by P. Spielman & J. Reidle
How to Build 50 Classic Furniture Reproductions
by Monte Burch

Carving a Heron Tableau
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving project