Issue Number 53

January/February 1994


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Making a Hall Table

Tool Chest

Carving a Love Tray


Table of Contents

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Woodworker's Directory, saw stiffeners, custom chuck, hot glue warmer

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
The process of sharpening woodturning tools

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
This material Wood

Incra-Jig turns Router World Upside Down

Hot Melt Glue Guns

Dust is the Enemy
Workshop vacuum cleaners

Restoration or Conversion
by D S Haskett
Making a hall table -- woodworking project

4-Jaw Scroll Chucks
by Terry Martin

User Report
Dyco BS450W Bandsaw

by Colin Appleton

The Tool Chest
by P Brooks
Woodworking project

Art Deco Mirror Frame, Pt 2
by Paul Curson
Woodworking, gilding project

Only the Brassware is Traditional
by Carl Sriber

Carve a Love Tray
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving project

Woodworking History
Woodcarving Class 1913 Examination paper 1913

Using Offcuts to Light up your Life
by Tim Sutherland
Candlesticks -- woodturning project

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 22)
Miva Mahogany
Canadian Yellow Cedar

Book Review
Woodworking for Kids
by Kevin McGuire
Making Mechanical Marvels in Wood
by Raymond Levy
Woodturning Step-by-Step
by David Regester
by Jeremy Williams