Issue Number 51

September/October 1993


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Dovetail Box

Router on the Lathe

Brian Eves' Dolphins

Making a Dexter Rocker


Table of Contents

Router Partners
Router accessories

Neville Selleck Retrospective
by Bill Hawtin

Did the Carpenters of Cheops have a Kreg?
Woodworking project -- footstool

The Woodcarvers Tool Kit

Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood Show

Bad Buy started a Business
Colen Clenton's woodworking tools

Dovetail Box
by Keith Hudson
Woodworking project

Product Liability, Having a Burl

Woodturning in New Zealand
by Warren Hielscher

Stanthorpe Heritage Arts Festival

The Great Australian Icon Competition

The Router on the Lathe
by Paul E Mether

Leonardo Da Vinci and Other Eminant Woodturners
by Ernie Newman

Wagner Safe-T-Planer

by Colin Appleton

Responding to an Influence
by Philip Monaghan

Carved furniture

Carving a Wave or Two of Dolphins
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving project

Have You Seen These
Bungendore Wood Works Gallery theft

Making a Dexter Rocker
by A J Eyers
Woodturning project

Sometimes Against the Grain
by D J Birrell
Oil, Wax and Brick Dust

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Sharpening Equipment for Woodturning Tools: Pt 1

Guest Review: The Darlow Tapes
by Col Halpin

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 20)

Book Review
Woodturning Wizardry
by David Springett
Workshop Accessories You Can Make
by Edward Baldwin
The Art of Making Elegant Wood Boxes
by Tony Lydgate
The Traditional Furniture Maker
by David Bryant