Issue Number 49

May/June 1993


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Indexing Head

Quack, Quack

Cedar Goblets with Brass

Craftwood Turning

Bush Furniture Table


Table of Contents

Adding Tools & Accessories to your Present Lathe

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Woodturning scrapers

Tailoring Your Own Sleeves
by Vin Smith
Making your own drum sander sleeves

Making Large Belts
by W Cyril Brown
Making your own sanding belts

Making things to make money, Homemade machines

'Eye, Eye, Skipper'
by Terry Travers
Restoration of a Huon-Pine yacht

The Wood Whittler, Jim Hall

Sometimes Against the Grain
by D J Birrell

Update Your Lathe with an Indexing Head
by Neil Bradbury

Brisbane Timber & Working with Wood Show

Hurt No Eyes, Ears, Lungs
Woodworking safety

The Lad's Apron
by Lindsay Collins
Anecdote from the coachbuilder's shop

A Ducky Project
by Brian Eves
Duck -- woodcarving project

User Report
PROMAN Universal Mitre Saw

by Colin Appleton

Cedar Goblets with Spun Brass
by Lionel Walters
Woodturning project

Craftwood, Just Made for Turning
by Jeff Lewry
Woodturning project

A Bush furniture table
by Betty Boorer
Woodworking project

Variations on a theme
by W Cyril Brown

User Report
Transwave Phase Converter

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 18)
Lignum Vitae

Book Review
Woodturning - A Manual of Techniques
by Hugh O'Neill
Rocking Horses
by Margaret Spencer
Wood Finishing
by Den Hatchard
Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders
by Donald Dressel
The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction