Issue Number 46

November/December 1992


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Making Model Yachts

Turned Lamp

Bush Furniture

Occasional Drop Leaf Table

3 Legged Stool


Table of Contents

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
The skew chisel

Furniture '93 Exhibition in Melbourne
by Bill Hawtin

Brest '92, A Festival of Traditional Sail
by Ian Smith

Making Model Yachts
by Keith Hudson

Endangered Wildlife of Australia
Fred Blake Exhibition

Turn up the Lamp
by Mal Williams

Lathe Accessories

Drill Press is a MUST for Toymakers

Routers & Spindle Moulders

Homeopathic Dust Control
by Tobias Kaye

The Beauty of Bush Furniture
by Beverley Boorer

Sometimes Against The Grain
by D J Birrel

Which Chuck Do You Need?
by Neil Scobie

Dimensions, An Exhibition of Early Work

by John Landvogt

More About Sloyd
by Rodney Hayward

But This is Pure Turnery!
by Terry Martin

New Way to Score
by Modulus 2000

An Old Fashioned Bridle Rack
by Lindsay G Collins

Occasional Drop Leaf Table
by David Haskett

Annual Tool Sale & Swap
by Paul Gregson

A 3-Legged Stool in Huon Pine
by Gwyn Kemp

User Report
Dyco 3-in-1

by Colin Appleton

Turning for Charity
by Ernie Newman

A New Set of Threads
by Carbatec's Threadmaster

Book Review
Woodworking part One
by Bruce Leadbetter, Michael Leadbetter, John Keable.
The Best of Fine Woodworking:
Small Woodworking Projects
Finishes and Finishing Techniques
Lathes and Turning Techniques
Router Projects and techniques

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 15)
River Red Gum