Issue Number 42

March/April 1992


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Metal Spinning on Wood Turning

Ball Turning


Table of Contents

Some Japanese Tools and Techniques
by Philippe Brooks

Designing and Developing the Ripley Band Saw
by Jim Ogden

A woodworker's guide to hinges

Chainsawn Characters
The work of Kevin Gilders

Building a Wood-Lathe from Scratch
by W Cyril Brown

Sometimes Against the Grain
by D J Birrell

The Coachbuilder's Shop
by Lindsay G Collins

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Grinding bevels

Jigs & Fixtures

Squaring the Ends
by W Cyril Brown
Woodworking Technique

Timbers for Planemaking
Suitable timbers for woodworking planes

Adding an Arm Radial Shopmight

Mike Darlow's Lamp

Using Metal Spinning to embellish Wood Turning
by Lionel Walters

Spherical Turning Device
by R M Guthrie

A Ball Turning Accessory for your Lathe
by Joe Sylvester

Ball Turning Made Easy
by A L Hayes

Book Review
Sharpening Basics
by Patrick Spielman
Whirligigs & Weathervanes
by David Schoonmaker & Bruce Woods
Blizzard's Book of Woodworking
by Richard Blizzard

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 11)
Alpine Ash
Antarctic Beech