Issue Number 37

May/June 1991


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Recycling a Mirror

Woodcarving a Spoon & Bowl

Handcrafted Wooden Tray


Table of Contents

The Japanese Saw (Nokogiri)
by Philippe Brooks

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Lathe setup

Oil for Rattles
by Lewis Harper
Safe finishes for children's toys

The Scroll Saw

Making Musical Instruments

The Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show

Taking Woodwork back to the Forest
Forest Gallery & Workshop

A Visit to Putaruru
by Fiona & Steve Ross

Recycling a Mirror
A Turner Furniture restoration

Woodcarving a Spoon and Bowl
by J Swinkels

The Touch Wood Exhibition

Decorate a Bowl with Off-Centre Turning
by Neil Bradbury
Woodturning project

A Handcrafted Wooden Tray
by M Burgess
Woodworking project

Tools of the Trade
by Paul Gregson
The Scraper Plane

Book Reviews
Shaper Handbook
by R W Cliffe & M Holtz
Scroll Saw Pattern Book
Scroll Saw Country Patterns
Victorian Scroll Saw Patterns
Spielman's Original Scroll Saw Patterns
Scroll Saw Fretwork Patterns

A Woodie's guide to Wood (Pt 6)
East Indian Kauri
Queensland Silky Oak