Issue Number 36

March/April 1991


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Spinning Top

Viking Ship Cradle


Table of Contents

The Japanese Plane
by Phillipe Brooks

Triton Drill Bits

Dowelling with a Bench Drill
by John K Looker

User Report
Kreg Drilling Jig

by P Sellick

Metal and Wood

Furniture That Blends with Wood and Brass
by C Sriber

Cool Cutter for Metal
The Stayer TF84

Morticing Jig Modifications
by John K Looker

Tools of the Trade
by Paul Gregson
The veneer hammer

Winners of the Black Box Competition

Circles, Squares and Triangles
Victorian Woodworkers' Association Exhibition
by Bill Hawtin

Triton Accessories Catalogue

ACT Exhibition

Improving Timber Life with Wood Stains
by Jeanette Stevens

An Introduction to Nailguns

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 5)
Silver Ash
Celery Top Pine
Australian Red Cedar

Turn & Spin a Top
by Neil Bradbury

Woodturning and Sex -- a Design Problem
by E Newman

Viking Ship Cradle
by E J Worthington

The Old Spinning Wheel in the Parlour (Pt II)
by R M Guthrie

Book Reviews
Metalworking in the Home Shop -
by E F Lindsay
Woodcarving Patterns from Around the World
by E J Tangerman
Fine Woodworking on Bending Wood
Making Toy Trains in Wood
by Tom, Tim & Ginger Lynn