Issue Number 31

May/June 1990


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Fivve Trailer Truck

Richard Vaughan's Coffee Table

Build Your Own Biscuit Jointer

Tools In Leather


Table of Contents

The Very First Australian Woodworker
Three copies of 'The Australian Woodworker' 1932, found in the Mitchell Library

Woodworking on Video
List of woodworking videos

Making the Fivve Trailer Truck
by Peter Fivve
A toy semi-trailer (Pt I)

Drawing Circles
by RM Guthrie

How to make tipped turning tools
by J Lauridsen

Build your own Biscuit Jointer
by Dennis Connor

Richard Vaughan does a Love Job
Description of Coffee Table

Woodwork at the Sydney Easter Show

Tools and Machines that sand, grind and sharpen

Grinding Woodturning Tools, My Way
by Rob Campbell

Grinding Wheels

Special Sanding & Abrasive Devices

Oil Stones & Water Stones

Encase your tools in leather
by John Swinkels

User Report
Carba-Tec Wheel Cutter

by Colin Appleton

User Report
Tormek Tool Sharpener

by Dennis Connor

Book Reviews
Wood Finishing
by Noel J Leach
Build Your Own Aviary
by D W Pearce
Band Saw Handbook
by Mark Duginske