Issue Number 30

March/April 1990


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Make Your Own C-Clamps

The Balista

Home made Dust Extractor

Turning a Globe


Table of Contents

Designing and Making a Wall Unit (Pt II)
by Wim Beyk

Make your own Sash Cramps
by Dennis Connor

Make your own C-Clamps
by Doug Colman

Did you know?

Choosing Timber Finishes
by Colin Watson

Using Metals
by J Lauridsen

Metal Finishes

The Balista
by Eric Lysaght
Making a miniature weapon in wood and metal

Another Winner
Introduction to the Lewisaw

Not one but two Carvers Mallets
by EJ Stothard

Which is the Real Plane?
Large model Plane made for teaching

Divert the dust and liberate the lungs!
by Harry Ellison

Jointing Boards
by M Burgess

User Report
Carba-Tec Scroll Saw

by Colin Appleton

Book Reviews
Planecraft -- A Woodworkers Handbook
by John Sainsbury
Projects for the Router
by Casey Chaffin & Nick Engler
Making Kitchen Cabinets
by Paul Levine
Cabinetmaking, the professional approach
by Alan Peters

Turning the Earth
by Neil Bradbury
Woodturning Project -- Globe

Decorative Brass makes a come-back
by Carl Sriber

Top Turning in Victoria
Yarra Turners Exhibition