Issue Number 29

January/February 1990


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Genie Bottle

Making a Wall Unit


Table of Contents

Impressions of the 1989 Show

Focus on Teaching

Off the Lathe
Review of an Exhibition

Health Watch
List of timbers which may cause skin/eye/nose/throat irritation

It's Better than Woodworking
by Bill Hawtin
Review of VWA Exhibition

A Bottle for your Genie
by Neil Bradbury
Woodturning Project

User Report
Mini Max S45 Bandsaw

by L Robert Knight

A Twisted Tale
Spiral Turning Lathe set up by Sydney Woodturners

Setting Your Dust Collections System to Work
by R M Guthrie
Designing and making dust collection hoods

Designing and Making a Wall Unit (Pt I)
by Wim Beyk

The Cabriole Leg
by RM Guthrie
Woodturning Project

Woodcraft around the ACT
ACT and Region Exhibition

Book Reviews
Green Woodwork
by Mike Abbott
Collins Complete Wood Worker's Manual
by Albert Jackson & David Day
The Incredible Router
by Jeremy Broun

Woodturning Display
Display Cases presented to NSW Parliament

1990 Source Book