Issue Number 27

September/October 1989


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Home made Dust Extractor

Glory Box

Making a Sheraton Cradle


Table of Contents

The Choice and Use of Rasps
by Henry Lanz

More about Dust Collection
by M Guthrie
A home made (fine) Dust Extractor

The Home Workshop, a Safe Approach
by M Burnham

Disappearing Coin Trick
by A Maunder
A woodturning project

Make a Sawstool (I did)
by Jim McConnachie

More Power to the Woodworker (Pt III)

User Report
Wheelwright Cutter

by Gerald Hanley

A Love of Lovespoons
by S Burns

Mid North Coast Woodworkers Exhibition

Designing and Making a Glory-Box
by Wim Beyk
A Cabinetmaking and Carving Project

Introduction to the Tagua Nut (imitation ivory)

Ancient Woodworking

Richard Crosland Exhibition

Bush Workshop

A Sheraton Cradle
by Marye Percival
Woodturning project

Book Reviews
How To Make Animated Toys
by David Wakefield
Portable Circular Sawing Machine Techniques
by Roger W Cliffe
Making Timeless Toys In Wood
by Janet and Richard Strombeck
Fine Woodworking on Tables & Desks
by Taunton Press
A Guitar Maker's Manual
by Jim Williams