Issue Number 26

July/August 1989


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Homemade Wheelcutter

Tall Poppies


Table of Contents

Where to buy components, kits etc.

Woodworking Women Melbourne Exhibition

A Homemade Wheelcutter
by K Turnbull

Making a Chest of Drawers (Pt II)
by Richard Vaughan
Woodworking Project

Richard Raffan Short profile

The Safe use of Polyurethane
by Anthony Hope

Unemployed go back to learn woodworking

Calling all Rhykenologists

Cutting Down Tall Poppies
by Neil Bradbury
Woodturning of thin stemmed flowers

An American Odyssey
by Ken Sager
A visit to ITOS

Buying Bandsaw Blades

Board Jointing
by John Doyle

User Report
The Ubiquitous Vix-Bit

Book Reviews
Video: Router Jigs and Techniques
by Bernie Maas and Michael Fortune
Furniture Projects for the Home
by Ernest Parrott
Making Unusual Miniatures
by Graham Spalding