Issue Number 25

May/June 1989


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Coffee Bean Mill

Chest of Drawers


Table of Contents

Choosing and Using Bandsaws

Bandsaw Survey

Tool Sale & Swap
by Paul Gregson

Silvio Apponyi

Winners at the "Royal"

Mill Your Own
by RM Guthrie
Woodturning project -- coffee bean mill

Hot Stuff for Woodturners
Introduction to Hot Stuff super glue

Bandsaw Suppliers

Mosaic -- The Method Behind the Madness (Pt II)
by Jeff Kemp

A New Mallet
by W Cyril Brown

A Chest of Drawers
by Richard Vaughan
Woodworking project

User Report
Mech-Wood junior Dust Extractor


Timber Trusses

Exterior Cladding
by S Bauer

Panels & Panelling

Introduction to Radiata Pine

Buying Plywood

Book Reviews
Making Wooden Trucks & Construction Vehicles
by Reg Martin
Easy-to-make learning Toys
by John Coxon Workshop
Equipment Books Nos.6, 9 & 11
by Intermediate Technology