Issue Number 24

March/April 1989


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Hogbin Bowl

The Jeep


Table of Contents

Licking the Dust Dust masks and extractors

Dissatisfaction led to new Bench design (WATA Bench)

Tolga Woodworks

How to make a Hogbin Bowl
by Neil Bradbury

Winners Tasmanian Competition

Make this Roll Top Desk and Bookcase(Pt II)
by R M Guthrie

Mosaic -- The Method behind the Madness (Pt I)
by Jeff Kemp

More Power to the Woodworker (Pt II)

The Jeep
by Peter Brooke
Woodworking project -- a toy jeep

How Dangerous are Common Adhesives?
by Bob Bolton

Bandsaw Innovation

Restoring Wobbly Furniture

How do Paints and Finishes Work?

User Report
Leigh Dovetail Jig

User Report
Stayer Sanders

Book Reviews
Projects from Attic to Basement
by B Price
Make your own Handcrafted Doors & Windows
by John Birchard

Timber Page
Camphor Laurel
by Don Outteridge