Issue Number 23

January/February 1989


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Roll Top Desk and Bookcase

Chair for Beginners


Table of Contents

Keep your Tools (workshop security)

Health Watch

Forest Gathering

Review of The Working With Wood Show, Melbourne

Turning (Another) Round Frame
by Ian Gillett

New Zealand Woodturning Exhibition
by Vic Wood

VWA Exhibition 1988

More About Animal Glue
by Paul Gregson

Plane Crazy
by John McDavitt, handtool collector

Making a Roll Top Desk and Bookcase (Pt I)
by RM Guthrie

A Chair for Beginners
by Keith Hudson

More Power to the Woodworker
A guide to woodworking machines

Women & Woodworking
by Jenny Springett

User Report
The Woodcarver

Book Reviews
Prizewinning projects
by Alfred W Lees
Pleasure and Profit from Woodturning
by Reg Sherwin