Issue Number 22

November/December 1988


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Make a Skateboard

Turned Vase


Table of Contents

Using Particleboard

The Wheelbarrow Project
by Ray Gall


Hi-Tech router jigs from New Zealand (Craftmaster)

Gluing Particleboard
by Bob Bolton

The Craftsman's Clay
by A Dixon
Introduction to Craftwood

How to make a Skateboard
by John Swinkels

A Turning Project (Vase)
by RM Guthrie

Russell Hoffman's Bowl Lathe

Tasmanian Woodcraft Survey

Ideas from Readers

The Woodturner's Friendship Pole
(Qld Conference)

Aust. Beeswax marketed in USA

Leady Lathe in production

User Report

User Report
Stayer SC251 Mitre Saw

Book Reviews
Woodwork Aids and Devices
by Robert Wearing
Make your Own Electric Guitar
by M Hiscock
by Cassell & Co