Issue Number 21

September/October 1988


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Router Table


Table of Contents

The Router as a Spindle Moulder

The Dado Cutter

Another Wooden Chuck
by F Henley

Turning More Black Boy "grass trees"
by Tom Ward, Bob Rutherford

Timber Page
Woody Pear
by M Passmore

Turning it like it is
by Tom Skilton
Green turning

A Router Planing Jig
by Neil Bradbury

The Great Queensland Woodturning Event

Pianos are their forte --
Preston TAFE College course

Turn Green
by Anthony Hope

Richard Vaughan's Router Table

User Report
B&D brad nailing gun

A new Woodcarver's Tool
Introducing The Woodcarver

Preview of the Working With Wood Show

Finishing your Dulcimer
by Jeff Kemp

Can wood dust affect your health?
by Neil Tyers

Book Reviews
Router Jigs & Techniques
by Patrick Spielman
Shelves, Closets & Cabinets
by Peter Jones
Blizzard's Action Toys
by Richard Blizzard