Issue Number 2

July/August 1985


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Table of Contents

Michael Gill -- Woodcarver

How to get started in Woodcarving
Don't think you can carve? Of course you can. Michael Gill shows how to start.

The Big L Universals
We compare specifications for two of the best universal woodwrking machines in the world.

More about light fittings and a detailed description of a "specimen" light you can make.

How Ana Gote to be a wood dealer
Profile of Anagote Timber Pty Ltd - a craft timber supplier

New 'pots' for old
The Arnalls introduce their lathe system

List of Craft Timber Retailers
Probably the first Australia-wide list of craft wood retailers ever published.

Animalegs made easy
byJohn Ewart
Turning cabriole legs

Superchuck & microwave seasoning
The technique of microwave seasoning

Speeds, pulleys and V-drives
by S. Bennett
Working out belt speeds

User Report
T-Cut Super Saws

Book Reviews
Techniques of Creative Woodcarving
by Ian Norbury

Timber Page
Timber Supply