Issue Number 198

April 2018


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A Sort of Bookcase - 1

Notes on Woodturning Part 39 - Turning a Needle Case

Potted Plant

Off-Centre Turned Salt Cellar

Dovetail Marking Squares

Tissue Box Cover and Holder

The Painter's Easel

Market Wares #26

Notelet Box - A Project for
Young Woodworkers



Table of Contents

Siena's World Globe
With the assistance of the Manning Great Lakes Woodworkers, Siena Hindmarsh took on the challenging project of producing a 400mm diameter world globe mounted on a veneered base with drawer, for her HSC school project. Fibre optics illuminate the land areas at night. 2

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2017 (AWTEX)
by Rachelle Leaver
Results from the 2017 Exhibition with photographs taken by the Eastern Suburbs Photography Society and Richard Crompton. AWTEX is Australia’s largest woodturning competition and celebrated its 29th year in 2017.

Club Drumbeat
The Orange Women's Shed (NSW) was set up to provide instruction in trades-based skills for local women, the highly successful Bribie & District Woodcrafters’ Association Inc (QLD) started with a couple of blokes on a verandah and the Hawkesbury Woodcraft Co-operative Ltd (NSW) has a close association with the Australiana Pioneer Village in Wilberforce.

USER REPORT - Bosch GOP Professional 18V-28 Multitool
by John Tebbutt
This powerful cordless multitool from Bosch features the new Starlock accessory mounting which provides a stronger attachment, and safer and faster accessory changes.

USER REPORT - Arbortech Ball Gouge
by Michael Nash
A worthy addition to Arbortech's range of accessories for 100mm and 115mm angle grinders, the Ball Gouge is an unusual carving tool, which takes some mastering to bring out its full potential.

Peter Wholohan’s Egyptology-inspired jewellery box that he made for his granddaughter.

Cutting Coves Without Catches
by Mike Darlow
Continuing his search for the best woodturning methods, Mike contests that catches are more likely to happen when cutting coves rather than a bead, and then presents an alternative method which should (almost) prevent catches.


A Sort of Bookcase - 1
by Allen Barrett
In addition to the drawers and side cubicles for CD/DVD storage, this bookcase has a number of design features to give it a distinctive look and make it more child friendly.

Notes on Woodturning Part 39 - Turning a Needle Case
by John Ewart
As a small turning, John makes an attractive acorn-shaped sewing needle case, inspired by one of Tom Bartie’s designs.

Potted Plant
by Carolyn McCully
This simple image of a potted plant on some rocks becomes an exercise in shading and textures when converted to a pyrography project.

Off-Centre Turned Salt Cellar
by John Swinkels
This is not a salt grinder or shaker, but a salt cellar for storing cooking salt in the kitchen. To thin the rim between the magnet mounts, John turns the cellar off-centre without the use of special chucks or other devices.

Dovetail Marking Squares
by Steve Maskery
Missing his brass dovetail square, Steve decided to make his own from Bubinga, Ebony and Yew. This is a great project for small pieces of attractive yet quite expensive pieces of hardwood.

Tissue Box Cover and Holder
by Peter Fogelman
Peter demonstrates that everyday objects can be refined and improved when made from wood.

The Painter's Easel
by Aaron Ehrlich
Miniature turning created this display piece with sentimental reasons behind its design.

Market Wares #26
by Athol Burnett
With a little thought to their design, wooden bookends can be made strong and attractive, without being too expensive to make.

Notelet Box - A Project for Young Woodworkers
by Richard Collins
This box is more complex than it looks, and it will have onlookers wondering how the lid was fitted, yet the actual construction can be done by an 11 year old.

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