Issue Number 196

December 2017


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Disc Sanding Jig for a Disc Sander

Making A Wooden Padlock

Notes on Woodturning Part 37 - Turning a Camphor Laurel Bowl

Octagonal Trinket Box

Market Wares #24 -
The 3-Minute Egg Timer

Turned Items for Yarn Craft

The Bee and The Magnolia

Faceted Wooden Bowls - 2



Table of Contents


Sanding Machines and Their Uses
Drum sanders, belt sanders, bobbin sanders,disc sanders and edge sanders - which sanding machines do you need and which ones will only gather dust in your workshop? Read our feature to learn a lot more about these important but often overlooked machines for the workshop.

A Pair of Tannoy Westminster Royal SE Speakers
by Toby Croce
Toby made a big jump from using portable power tools to install car audio systems, to designing and assembling these speaker cabinets for a pair of genuine Tannoy Dual Concentric Speakers. The result is a set of very high end speakers at a fraction of the cost of factory units.

Club Drumbeat
Now in its 23rd year, the Koonung Woodturners Guild lnc (VIC) still has its original Club premises. A valued contributor of woodworking projects to the local community, the Bourke’s Men's Shed raises much of its funds from turning pens to sell to tourists. Previously known as the Woodturners of the Goulburn Valley, the Shepparton based Goulburn Valley Woodworkers Inc holds one of the larger woodworking shows in the country. This year's event had 40 demonstrators.

Useful Tips for Beginners - 1
Based on a discussion with a number of experienced woodworkers, we begin a list of useful tips for beginners. More advanced woodworkers will know many of the tips, but they may still find something new to learn.

Time Flies (Tempus Fugit) - CMI celebrates 40 years
After four decades in business, Clock Movement Importers Pty Ltd is still an Australian family company specialising in supplying industry, retailers, hobbyists, schools and professional clockmakers with mechanical and quartz clock movements, hardware, accessories, spare parts, complete clocks including grandfather units, specialty clocks such as telluriums and astrolabiums, and timber kits for clockmaking.


Disc Sanding Jig for a Disc Sander
by Steve Maskery
This handy jig can be used to produce wheels, discs, round box lids and bases, circular items for toymaking, etc. without the need for a lathe. Simply cut the disc slightly oversize on a bandsaw or scrollsaw, or with a jigsaw or fretsaw, and sand down to an accurate circular shape using the jig.

Making A Wooden Padlock
by Russell Downie
Russell describes his style of wooden lock mechanism that clicks tight and springs open. The basic design can be adapted to a lock shape of your personal choice.

Notes on Woodturning Part 37 - Turning a Camphor Laurel Bowl
by John Ewart
Classified as a noxious weed, Camphor Laurel trees are regularly felled, providing a good supply of a timber. Often the Camphor Laurel has interesting colour variations, making the wood attractive as well as easy to work. John turns a bowl from a well coloured blank.

Octagonal Trinket Box
by Don Phillips
Making a plain sided octagonal box is fairly simple once you have the cutting angle correct, but an octagonal box with top and bottom trim is more involved. Don describes the use of a sacrificial carrier in the making of the fine trim and a method for cutting octagonal panels.

Market Wares #24 - The 3-Minute Egg Timer
by Heinz Haselroither
Having made a variety of wooden timers, Heinz has found that there is still a demand for the traditional 3-minute egg timer. While turning just the one involves a bit of work, making them in batches speeds up the process so that you can produce them as presents or to sell.

Turned Items for Yarn Craft
by John Swinkels
A selection of short recycled Oregon pole sections inspired John to come up with this assortment of yarn craft items including two storage containers, a spool and a pickup stick.

The Bee and The Magnolia
by Carolyn McCully
The theme of this piece is a bright object against a dark background. Carolyn successfully burnt the dark area, including her signature in a 'reverse burn', but she also notes the demands of such an approach. The bee is the opposite, benefiting from a light touch with the nib.

Faceted Wooden Bowls - 2
by Richard Collins
Richard continues his explanation of the methods involved in making faceted wooden bowls with a compound mitre saw. This time he explores the variety of designs possible when the faceted pieces are no longer identical.

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