Issue Number 192

April 2017


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The Molinillo

Giant Turned Wooden Hand

Make Your Own Wooden Clamp

My Old Girl (Dog)

Notes on Woodturning Part 33 - Turning a Wooden Wall Hook

Tilt Skittles

A Smaller Version

Making a Wheel Back Double Bow Windsor Chair - 2

Market Wares - 21. Pen & Pencil Trays



Table of Contents


Exploring Surface Decoration
by Ernie Newman
Ernie's interest in making wooden bowties has led to a colourful collection of wood treatments and effects. In this article Ernie presents 40 different bowties and their finishes.

John Meikle's platform rocking chair and the Lockyer Woodcrafters Groupís wedding goblets.

Club Drumbeat
Bunbury Woodturners Group (WA), Cairns and District Woodworkers Guild Inc (QLD), and the Woodturners of the Hunter.

The Picador Pup
by John Hamilton
John has restored a Picador Pup, an all-in-one woodworking machine produced in the UK from the 1950s, designed to be powered by a separate electric motor.

Wood Craft Supplies Spiral Cutter Torque Wrench

by Albert Browne
If you've ever been concerned about whether you are setting the individual cutters on your spiral cutter block too tight or not tight enough, then you'll be pleased to know that Wood Craft Supplies sell a torque wrench for this specific purpose.

A Special Exhibition
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
In August last year at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery, there was an exhibition of work by students of Geoff Hannah.

Made in England
With a company history over 100 years old and having been the subject of a management buyout in 2003, Record Power is on track to return the design and where practical, the manufacture of its products to the United Kingdom.


The Molinillo
by Mike Darlow
If your chocolate pot is missing its molinillo, Mike shows you how to turn one.

Giant Turned Wooden Hand
by Mike Boyle
Woodturning isn't often used for large outdoor sculptures, but to make this three metre long hand, artist Mike Boyle and numerous woodturners from the Blue Mountains Woodturners used a combination of turning and carving.

Make Your Own Wooden Clamp
by Lance Winter
Using tight straight grained timber, you can make a number of these handy glue-up clamps to suit your specific needs without breaking the bank. While there is a fair amount of work involved in producing just one, making them in batches should be quicker and more efficient.

My Old Girl (Dog)
by Carolyn McCully
Previously the subject of Carolyn's A Boy and His Dog (AWW #137 Feb 2008), Dingus is now 14 years old. Carolyn burnt this image to keep as a momento of her loyal companion. It uses a (burnt) shaded background behind the detail of the coat while the white fur is done in pencil, providing an interesting combination of pyrography and pencil.

Notes on Woodturning Part 33 - Turning a Wooden Wall Hook
by John Ewart
These simple but elegant 'round button' wall hooks will suit a variety of home decorating styles and are relatively easy to turn on the lathe.

Tilt Skittles
by Aaron Ehrlich
A variant on table skittles, this game uses a spinning top instead of a swinging ball to knock the skittles down. To control the top, the playing table is sprung and can be tilted as desired. The game is fun to play and makes good use of items from your scrap box.

A Smaller Version
by Harry Ellis
Harry resolves a number of challenges in making this 'onion and potato' cupboard to match an existing post-War sideboard. He uses hand tools almost exclusively, but a number of his comments apply to furniture making generally.

Making a Wheel Back Double Bow Windsor Chair - 2
by Phillip Spencer
Working from a James Mursell plan, Phillip finishes his English style Windsor Chair in American Ash and Mahogany by fitting the back bow and associated spindles.

Market Wares - 21. Pen & Pencil Trays
by Alex Bartman
With a flat-bottomed bowl tray router bit, portable router and a homemade jig, you can convert scrap boards into handy pen and pencil trays quickly and easily.

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