Issue Number 191

February 2017


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Making a Wheel Back Double Bow Windsor Chair - 1

Turning Wooden Funnels

Reel Time Clock

One of the Locals (Magpie)

Notes on Woodturning Part 32 -
The Spoon Foot Leg

Carving and Painting an Eastern Rosella (Parrot)

The Wooden Cross Puzzle - 3

Beginners’ Series #43 Bathroom Stool, an Easy Project

Market Wares - 20 Two Quick Projects



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Club Drumbeat
West Australian Guild of Woodcarvers, Maryborough Woodturners and Woodcraftsmen Guild Inc (QLD) and the Swan Group of the Woodturners Association of Western Australia.

MakerSpace & Co, Marrickville NSW
In a large warehouse in Sydney's inner suburbs, an exciting venture celebrates its first anniversary. MakerSpace is providing hobbyist and commercial woodworkers with a very well-equipped and managed facility where they can explore their potential and improve their skills.

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2016
by Rachelle Leaver
While the number and overall quality of entries continues to improve each year in this national competition, a highlight of the 2016 event was the skill of some of the newcomers and intermediate turners which certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Trend Improves the Airshield Pro Respirator
Available from a number of stockists, the new improved Airshield is one of the products that Trend UK representatives will be demonstrating in Melbourne in early February.

Choosing Plywoods
by Dave Giddings
As well as selling exterior and wet area coatings, Dave also stocks plywood. In this article he covers what to look for when sorting out the good stock from the bad, for your next project.

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Recycling plastic supermarket fruit jars as handy storage containers, a technique for removing broken dowels and trophy label displays made from offcuts.


Making a Wheel Back Double Bow Windsor Chair - 1
by Phillip Spencer
Working from a James Mursell plan, Phillip builds an English style Windsor Chair which incorporates bows for both the arms and the back, plus bent wood for the arm supports. The construction of the chair involves the steam bending of wood, the use of uncommon tools such as the scorp, travisher and rounding plane, and the accurate drilling of holes at compound angles.

Turning Wooden Funnels
by Mike Darlow
While we are used to funnels made from plastic and metal, they were once commonly made from wood. Mike shows how to turn your own so that you will always have a funnel of the right size to use.

Reel Time Clock
by Bob Aitken
Working with old, but readily available, Bakelite fishing reels made by Australian manufacturer, Alvey, Bob shows how you can turn one of them into a working wooden reel plus an attractive fisherman's timepiece.

One of the Locals (Magpie)
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn burns a pyrographic image of one of our best known local birds, the Australian Magpie.

Notes on Woodturning Part 32 - The Spoon Foot Leg
by John Ewart
If you wish to make a table or chair with cabriole legs, there are a variety of shapes to choose from. One of the easiest to make is the spoon foot or club foot leg because it is fully turned, using two centres. John shows you how to do it.

Carving and Painting an Eastern Rosella (Parrot)
by Frank Rowe
Through his AWW articles, Frank is known for his bird carvings. Usually they are carved and then detailed with pyrography, but the bright colours of the Eastern Rosella demanded a departure from Frank’s usual approach. This bird is fully coloured, though he explains that he found painting a carving much easier than painting an image of a bird.

The Wooden Cross Puzzle - 3
by Richard Collins
Having detailed the Cross Puzzle in differing levels of difficulty over the last two issues, Richard now applies his ingenious locking mechanisms to a variety of other puzzles including Locked Blocks, Cylinder in a Block, Ball in a Cage and a couple of Locked Boxes.

Beginners’ Series #43 Bathroom Stool, an Easy Project
This sturdy, lightweight bathroom stool is proof that you can make a useful piece of furniture without having to machine (ie. rip, plane or thickness) stock that is bought from the timberyard. Made from Western Red Cedar, it uses only stock sizes and (if you wish) can be made entirely with handtools.

Market Wares - 20 Two Quick Projects
by Alan Boston
Having noticed painted mountains being sold as a nursery decoration, Alan developed his own design using contrasting woods. Simple photo holders are another budget item in his range.

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Book Reviews
The Fundamentals of Segmented Wood Turning
by James Rodgers
Classic Whittling
by Rick Wiebe
20-Minute Whittling Projects
by Tom Hindes

DVD Review
Making Tapered Table Legs
by Hendrik Varju