Issue Number 190

December 2016


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Sputnik Urchin (Pyrography)

Improved Panel Clamping Jig

Turned Drawer Knobs with a Lag Screw Fixing

Pair of Viking Chairs

Notes on Woodturning Part 31 - Turning a Fruit Stand

Carving Lovespoons - 2 Celtic-Knot-Heart Panel Lovespoon

The Wooden Cross Puzzle - 2

Market Wares - 19 Chunky Serviette Rings


Table of Contents


Geoff Hannah's Chinoiserie Cabinet 2016
After 2000 hours of work, Geoff Hannah's latest cabinet has had its official unveiling. Done in the Chinoiserie style, it contains the incredible detail, master craftsmanship and multitude of drawers and compartments that have become the hallmark of his cabinets (another cabinet appeared in AWW #152).

Geoff Hannah - The Book
Geoffrey Hannah, Never a less likely bloke, is a book just released on Geoffís life and work.

Club Drumbeat
Albury-Wodonga Woodcrafters Inc (NSW/VIC), Bellarine Woodworkers Inc (VIC) and the Waverley Woodworkers Inc (VIC). 20 Gallery Jeff Fraserís unconventional spoons.

Shingles for St Stephen's Chapel, Brisbane
by Stan & Noelene Ceglinski
Having learnt his skills from traditional bush craftsmen, Stan finds his services in demand for new buildings as well as conservation projects. A hail storm in 2016 gave Stan a rare opportunity to work on the same roof twice, having re-roofed St Stephen's Chapel 25 years earlier.

Vale Alan Wale
Having spent his working life in woodworking and teaching, Alan Wale is best remembered for his role in extablishing the Sturt School of Wood in Mittagong NSW.

Timberbits - Much More than Pens and Clocks
Started in 2008 when its owner was seeking a better range of pen kits, Timberbits has grown into a major supplier of a wide range of woodworking tools and consumables.

Failure of Exterior Clear Coatings
by Dave Giddings
After many years of selling exterior and wet area coatings, Dave has a number of tips on how to avoid early failure of the finish on your woodwoorking projects.

Learning about Routers - 8
This issue we introduce the router table and the use of routers for making dovetails and box joints.


Sputnik Urchin (Pyrography)
by Carolyn McCully
The shell of a Sputnik Urchin proves to be an interesting pyrography subject, full of detail accentuated by strong light contrasts.

Improved Panel Clamping Jig
by Steve McMartin
Designed for gluing up laminated box panels and other small to medium sized objects, this jig will accommodate a wider range of sizes as well as non-rectangular shapes, compared to a conventional movable fence jig.

Turned Drawer Knobs with a Lag Screw Fixing
by Mike Darlow
Sometimes a broken drawer knob is indicative of a design problem and the best solution is a new approach. Rather than turn new knobs to suit the original weak wooden screw fixing, Mike adapted the knob profile to suit a steel lag screw.

Pair of Viking Chairs
by John Swinkels
Known by several names including plank chairs and stargazer chairs, these items are relatively simple to make and offer a good project to be done in conjunction with children or grandchildren. More challenging is the folding footstool which John machines from a single thick board, using a jigsaw, chisel and resawing bandsaw.

Notes on Woodturning Part 31 - Turning a Fruit Stand
by John Ewart
This three piece stand requires two faceplate turnings and a between-centres turning. Unlike a cake stand which would have a flat top, this item has a dished top surface which requires the construction of an accurate friction plate.

Carving Lovespoons - 2 Celtic-Knot-Heart Panel Lovespoon
by David Stanley
Having introduced lovespoons last issue and provided a beginner's project, David now moves on to a much more challenging design. This lovespoon incorporates a number of features that can be omitted or simplified if required to suit the readerís skill level.

The Wooden Cross Puzzle - 2
by Richard Collins
Did you make the Cross Puzzle from last issue? Did any of your friends work out how to separate the two pieces? Richard discusses variations to the Puzzle which will stump all but the most determined puzzle solvers.

Market Wares - 19 Chunky Serviette Rings
by Alexander Brown
This idea makes good use of the leftover board material found in most workshops.

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Geoffrey Hannah - Never a less likely bloke
by Meg Heggen

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Finger Joints on the Table Saw
by Hendrik Varju