Issue Number 186

April 2016


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A Fair Dinkum Toy Box

Dust Extraction System Upgrade

Lone Emu

Market Wares —15.
Segmented Letter Openers

The Magic Pea Holder

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.14
An Acanthus Panel

Making the Lopez Chess Set
Using a Loose Pin Chuck


Table of Contents


USER REPORT - Laguna Revo 18/36 Lathe
by Allen Barrett
Featuring a rigid steel bed, heavy cast iron legs for stability and dampening, movable headstock, optional outrigger bed extension and other innovations, the Laguna Revo 18/36 is a new lathe design that has been re-engineered from scratch, offering new solutions and possibilities for your woodturning projects.

Cordless Woodworking with Milwaukee Tools
With a motto of 'cutting the cord', Milwaukee Tools is releasing an ever-increasing range of tools based on their 18V and 12V Li-Ion battery platforms. To date they have most of the cordless power tools you would need for a woodworking workshop, including several interesting items that you may not have considered.

Carving with High Speed Rotary Tools - 2. Burrs and Bits
by Bill McLeary
Bill classifies carving burrs and bits into four groups, depending upon their use - Roughing Out, Refining, Detailing and Texturing. Within each group he discusses the options from structured tooth burrs and steel engraving cutters, to ruby carvers and abrasive stones.

Learning about Routers - 4
After a discussion of some the factors that should be considered when purchasing and building up your selection of router bits, we look at a router skill which can be very useful, but is often overlooked - freehand routing. It also needs practice!


A Fair Dinkum Toy Box
by Allen Barrett
Every child’s room needs a toy box. Ideally it should be big enough to hold a fair number of toys, small enough to be compact and stow out of the way, and strong enough to act as a box, seat or table. Allen makes this 'fair dinkum' toy box, personalising it with a carved initial on the lid.

Dust Extraction System Upgrade
by Laury Vella
Salvaging the pump from his conventional dust collector, Laury upgraded his workshop dust extraction system with a home-made cyclone for most of the shavings and dust, and a wheelie bin water trap for the fine dust.

Lone Emu
by Carolyn McCully
Working from an image from her NT holiday, Carolyn burns this head shot of the Australian emu and colours it for dramatic effect.

Restoring a Stanley 4˝ Plane
by Phil Spencer
After some cleaning, stripping, refinishing and tuning, Phil turned his $40 purchase into a useful handtool for his workshop.

Market Wares - 15. Segmented Letter Openers
by Richard Collins
By using layers of 3mm and 6mm wood in contrasting colours, and producing the items in batches, Richard is able to make these highly attractive and functional letter openers with a reasonable outlay of time and effort.

The Magic Pea Holder
by Aaron Ehrlich
This simple party trick requires three identical 'sealed' containers. It is essential that the three wooden containers appear exactly the same so this is good exercise in identical turning, using only a small amount of wood.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.27 -
Unconventional Tools and Cutting Edge Shapes

by John Ewart
In spite of the wide range of woodturning tools available commercially, many turners end up with one or more ‘specialised’ tools in their collection, to suit a specific need. John discusses some of the tools and shapes that are used and how they suit their intended purpose.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.14 An Acanthus Panel
by Mike Davies
Continuing to work with the same basic set of carving tools used throughout this series, Mike carves a traditional acanthus leave panel. Mike also describes the design principles involved in drawing an acanthus leaf design and what makes one pattern look right and another look wrong.

Making the Lopez Chess Set Using a Loose Pin Chuck
by Mike Darlow
This is two articles in one - the making of a turned chess set and an introduction to the use of a loose pin chuck (including how to make one). For this application Mike now uses this chuck in preference to the coarse screw chuck mentioned in his book, Turned Chessmen.

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