Issue Number 185

February 2016


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Carved Seat Bar Stool - Version II

Notes on Woodturning Pt.26 — Internet Videos

The Star Table

A Turned Bowl Made with a Home-made Ring-cutter

Market Wares — 14. Fishing Reel Toilet Roll Holder

Carving an Eagle

Whistling Kite


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Hydrowood - Salvaging Tasmania's Flooded Forests
Inspired by underwater logging operations in British Columbia, Canada, David Wise and Andrew Morgan have launched Hydrowood, a company specifically set up to salvage sunken trees from Lake Pieman, a man-made hydro lake in Tasmania. Logging, milling and drying operations have commenced on a commercial scale.

Restoration & Revival of a Vintage Thicknesser
Italian made, this thicknesser had a full working life, possibly involving the construction of the Sydney Opera House, before being overhauled by its new owner, Adelaide boat restorer, Mark Davis.

John Jordan & Mike Lee - Turnfest 2016
by Neil Scobie
Two of the demonstrators at Turnfest 2016 will be John Jordan from Tennessee USA and Mike Lee from Hawaii USA. A highly respected turner and teacher, John is known for his textured hollow vessels with small openings. Mike explores organic forms, turning the wood and then carving it.

Club Drumbeat
The members of the Blue Mountains Woodturners Inc (NSW) have involved themselves in a variety of projects, from making giant chess sets for local schools, to organising an international symposium and restoring a heavy industrial lathe.

33rd Annual Exhibition 2015 by the Woodcraft Guild ACT Inc
Held each year in conjunction with the Canberra Timber & Working with Wood Show, the Guild’s Exhibition attracts a high quality of entries in diverse categories such as boxmaking, turning, carving, cabinetmaking, marquetry, models, pyrography and toolmaking.

Carving with High Speed Rotary Tools - 1. An Introduction
by Bill McLeary
With its ability to remove material quickly, and cut cleanly across or with the grain without splintering or chipping, the high speed rotary carving tool and its associated burrs have enabled new levels of detail and fineness not possible with edge tools and general carving skills.


Carved Seat Bar Stool - Version II
by Neil Scobie
A redesigned version of a bar stool that Neil released about nine years ago, this one has a thinner seat, more curve to the legs and thinner ends to the legs to give a more streamlined appearance and reduce weight.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.26 - Internet Videos
by John Ewart
Internet videos are an effective means of gaining new skills, but because anyone can post a video online, many of the techniques shown are ineffective or outright dangerous. John discusses the more common failings in Internet turning videos and how to judge a good one from a '‘fail'.

The Star Table
by W A Lane
Made from Western Red Cedar, Australian Red Cedar and Australian White Cedar, this occasional table has a segmented top and lower shelf. In spite of its complex appearance, it requires only three different types of segments and assembly is straighforward so long as the segments are sized and shaped accurately.

A Turned Bowl Made with a Home-made Ring-cutter
by John Swinkels
In this article John discusses the virtues of ring-cutters, the use of segmented rings, their assembly into a bowl blank and the jigs involved. The project is a thin-walled bowl, approx. 230mm in diameter.

Learning about Routers - 3
In this issue we examine the use of the trammel in conjunction with the router and make a simple trivet with concentric cutouts.

Market Wares - 14. Fishing Reel Toilet Roll Holder
by Bob Aitken

This fishing reel toilet roll holder is not as easy and quick to make as many of our previous Market Wares, but Bob assures us that they are fun to make and sell very well!

Carving an Eagle
by Frank Rowe
Frank uses a bandsaw to produce a contoured 3D blank from a rectangular piece of wood and then refines the shape with a rotary carving tool. Pyrography and hand-made wire and epoxy legs finish the sculpture.

Whistling Kite
by Carolyn McCully
With an odd-shaped board to work with, Carolyn chose a suitable photograph from her nature collection as the subject of her pattern. The challenge in this project is to get the shading right to give the required alternating bands of light and dark markings on the feathers and body.

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