Issue Number 183

October 2015


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Bench Seat

Market Wares - 11.
Cutting Boards & Platters

Jewellery Box

Bead Bowl

Behold the Moon

Notes on Woodturning Pt.24 -
Turning a Small Vase

Toy Sewing Machine

Horizontal Drilling Machine


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Trend (UK) celebrates 60 Years
Starting from a home attic business in 1955, Trend has become a leading manufacturer worldwide of power tool accessories, specialising in the application of the router. It has over 8000 different products in its range and is revitalising its Australian distribution.

Club Drumbeat
You haven't done everything in woodturning if you haven't tried ornamental turning. The Ornamental Turner Group Australia (OTGA) is dedicated to the use and promotion of the rose engine and other ornamental turning machines. Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, the Peninsula Woodturner’s Guild held their biennial exhibition in May 2015.

John Hamilton displays three of his recently restored hand planes, while Australian, Jo Meyer, wins a 'highly commended' at the Chippendale International School of Furniture‘s 2015 graduation with her Tish Surprise Chair.

USER REPORT - Arbortech TURBOShaft
by Michael Nash
The latest offering from Arbortech is a 20mm dia. x 80mm long steel shaft with small circular tungsten carbide tips on its outer edge. Designed as an attachment for the small angle grinder it enables deep trenching, lettering and other wood shaping tasks, both freehand and template.

Learning About Routers - 1
The 35th instalment in our Beginner's Series; in this issue we start a new segment on exploring the use and versatility of the router. The feature machine for this segment is the Makita Roumer - a small affordable high-powered hybrid machine with features that relate to both trimmers and routers.

Horizontal Drilling Machine
by John Looker
The horizontal equivalent of the vertical action drill press, the horizontal drilling machine or borer is a useful addition to a cabinetmaker's workshop. John describes how he built his from scrap, a drill chuck and a washing machine motor.


Bench Seat
by Harry Ellis
A glimpse of an Arts & Crafts style bench seat on a television show inspired Harry to design and build this hall seat as a place for people to sit and put their shoes on. The use of hand tools and traditional joints turn a modest chair into an engaging woodworking project.

Market Wares - 11. Cutting Boards & Platters
by Allen Barrett
Every cook needs a cutting board, so there is a good demand for them at the markets if you can make them attractive without spending too much time on their production. Allen looks at some of the options he has explored over the years.

Toy Sewing Machine
by Aaron Ehrlich
Based on an older style of sewing machine, this is a fun project to make for your child or grandchild. Predominantly a woodturner, Aaron uses his turning skills to make the various wheels and bobbins, while the machine body and base require some profile cutting and router work.

Walking Cane for a Holy Woman
by Maricha Oxley
Using a maritime theme, Maricha carves a walking stick from Plum for her friend, Sister M Joseph. The carvings include starfish, fish, platypus and a dugong handle.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.24 - Turning a Small Vase
by John Ewart
According to John's anecdote, the inspiration for this specimen flower vase is as old as The Australian Woodworker! While a variety of tools can be used for this project, John limits himself to the square section skew chisel and a detail gouge.

Jewellery Box
by Renato Spagnolo
Renato describes how he built the attractive jewellery box mentioned in his user report on the Mitre Maker in AWW #178. Made from Silver Ash frames, Coolabah burl lid insert, Jarrah and White Beech, the box can be made with the Mitre Maker jigs or with traditional boxmaking methods.

Bead Bowl
by John Swinkels and Charli O'Dell
Combining traditional woodworking methods with a child's imagination can generate a project that passes skills and the enthusiasm for woodworking on from one generation to the next. This bead bowl was made by John and his grandaughter, Charli.

Behold the Moon
by Carolyn McCully
Creating the moon required many hours of burning deep space, a good photograph of the moon and an ability to 'draw' freehand with the pyrography pen. This piece did not work out as originally planned and Carolyn describes how she resolved the challenges.

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