Issue Number 180

April 2015


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Big Cabinet - Small Workshop (1)

Cutting Smooth Circular Grooves

Market Wares - 8. Market Magic

The Milking Stool

Segmented Salad Bowl with a Floating Base

Simple Small Picture Frames


Wild Mushroom Fairy

Notes on Woodturning Pt.21 - Turning a Stand for Serviette Rings


Table of Contents


Router Tables
The last instalment in our three issue feature on routers, this time we look at router tables with integrated motors, conventional router tables, horizontal router table, custom router tables, router table accessories and CNC routers.

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2014
A review of last year's AWE held in Nunawading in Melbourne. This year's event in June will include a new category - Ornamental Turning.

Andrew Kennedy made a Keepsake Cabinet for his wife from Tasmanian Oak, Western Red Cedar, Australian Red Cedar and Poplar.

Club Drumbeat
Gympie & District Woodworkers Club Inc (QLD) and the Wood N Music Festival to be held 29-31 May 2015.

USER REPORT - Bosch GST 10.8V Li-Ion Jigsaw
by Scott Yeo
If you do a lot of panel work or curved cuts, then this small lightweight, yet powerful, jigsaw makes a lot of sense. With enough grunt for the job and complete freedom from cords, the Bosch GST makes cutting curves a breeze.


Big Cabinet - Small Workshop (1)
by Alain Barrett
Building a 900CD cabinet was a major project in itself. However, making it in a small workshop presented even more challenges. Alain describes how the limitations of the workshop have to be considered early in the design. In this issue he builds most of the framework.

Cutting Smooth Circular Grooves
by Reg Cooke
Looking for a better finish for his routed rebated circles (for the inlay on his guitars), Reg devised this homemade scoring tool for splinter-free curves.

Clamp-On Wheels for Large Panels
by Peter Natoli
Determined to work smarter rather than harder, Peter developed a pair of dolly wheels to enable him to shift full size sheets (2440mm x 1220mm) of material from the street to his workshop.

Market Wares - 8. Market Magic
by Andrew Benjamin
Turning wands can be fun and creative as well as providing something interesting to sell to magicians and fairies of all ages at the local markets.

The Milking Stool
by John Swinkels
For his granddaughters John made two milking stools - with four legs for better stability on an even floor. To drill the slanted leg holes he used a homemade jig on the drill press and to rout the design on the top of the seat, he made a pin router setup for a Triton Router Table.

Segmented Salad Bowl with a Floating Base
by Alan McNaught
For larger segmented work a solid timber base can be a liability. Movement in the base can jeopardise the integrity of the whole vessel. One solution is to have the base floating.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.10 - Simple Carved Edge Decoration for Woodturning
by Mike Davies
Mike gives examples of how carving can be incorporated into turned items and then demonstrates three forms of simple edge decoration.

Simple Small Picture Frames
by Don Phillips
Using a router table and simple jigs, Don shows how you can make accurate small picture frames without having to cut mitre joints.

by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron makes an 'antique' style table top book stand with tilting mechanism. The design allows Aaron to turn many of the components.

Wild Mushroom Fairy
by Carolyn McCully
This pyrography pattern is based on an image formed by some of Carolyn's Schleich figurines. Whereas pyrography is often applied to bland timbers, in this case she has used a chopping board and worked the design to accommodate the alternating hues in the wood.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.21 - Turning a Stand for Serviette Rings
by John Ewart
Last issue, John turned a set of serviette rings. This issue, he turns a stand on which to store or display the rings.

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Beautiful Boxes (Design and Technique)
by Doug Stowe
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