Issue Number 18

March/April 1988


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Thimble Huts

Desk for a Student

Make a Letter Box


Table of Contents

Is this the Last Generation of Woodworkers?

Five Ways to Improve your Workshop

The Typical Australian Garage Workshop
by Paul Gregson

A Welder in a Woodworking Workshop
by J Viggers
Welding projects for the workshop

Making Thimble Huts
by David Teague
Woodworking project

Easy Clock Making
by CS Harding

A Stylish Desk for a Student (Pt I)
by WF Norquay
Woodworking project

Telephone Turning & Pot Plant Turning projects
by Ted Watt

Exhibition Winners

How to Design and Make a Letter Box
by Wim Beyk

Take Time for Kids
by Jenny Springett

Burl Wood from Nth Qld

Woodcraft at the Melbourne Meat Market

User Report
Ryobi Table Saw BT2500

by Colin Appleton

Book Reviews
Winning designs for Woodturning
by Alan & Gill Bridgewater
Woodcarving - a Complete Course
by Ron Butterfield
Wood Machining
by Nigel S Voisey

Timber Page
Timber in the Tropics
by Alex Stewart