Issue Number 179

February 2015


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Working with the Gifkins Jig #6 -
The CrossBox

Making a Walking Stick

Kokeshi Dolls

Market Wares - 7. Little Boxes

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.9 - Patera

Notes on Woodturning Pt.20 -
Turning Serviette Rings

Rubin Vase

Beginner Project #17B
Natural Edge Winged Burl Bowl

Southern BooBook Owl


Table of Contents


Router Accessories
You can make your own router jigs and accessories and there's plenty of books and magazine articles on the subject. However, there's an extensive range of manufactured accessories available and we have a look at what you can buy.

Lost Trades
Fair Held for the first time last year and geared up for a bumper showcase of over 60 traditional and rare trades and crafts in 2015, the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton VIC is a show with a difference and should appeal to anyone interested in handcrafted goods.

Surfboard Classes
Combine your surfing with your woodworking and make your own surfboard. Professional woodworker and keen surfer, Stuart Bywater, combines his occupation with his recreational pursuit by teaching classes where students make their own boards in eight weeks.

Woodcraft Guild Inc's 32nd Annual Exhibition
Held in conjunction with the Canberra Timber & Working with Wood Show, the Treasures in Timber exhibition was another success for the Guild, with many high standard entries on display.

Niki Marshall
by Neil Scobie
New Zealand woodturner, Niki Marshall, is well-known for her wood-rimmed limestone vessels, but she also turns and carves bowls, vessels and sculptures from wood.

USER REPORT - Diablo and Diablo Demo-Demon Circular Saw Blades
by Scott Yeo
Manufactured in Italy, these two blades offer great value for money. The Demo-Demon is a special blade - designed for woodworking but quite capable of cutting through nails without damaging its teeth.

Winners of the Dremel Junior Reader Giveaway
Readers had to nominate their child, grandchild or relative for this giveaway of two Dremel 3000 Project Kits worth $99 each.

Choosing a Finish - 2
The 33nd article in our beginner's series, in this article we cover the application and storage of finishes as well as drying times and concerns about compatibility.


Working with the Gifkins Jig #6 - The CrossBox
by Don Phillips
Don tests your dovetailing skills with this unusual box that features inside as well as outside corners.

Making a Walking Stick
by Harry Ellis
Harry enjoys making walking sticks. They require little material and a minimum of tools, are interesting to make and provide a very useful object for the recipient. Harry details how he makes them.

Kokeshi Dolls
by Bill Lane
With his wife's authentic Kokeshi Dolls as a guide, Bill makes his own dolls on the lathe and leaves the essential painted features to others.

Market Wares - 7. Little Boxes
by Tom Adams
Tom comes up with two approaches for making small plywood boxes that can be used to store pencils, paint brushes and other items.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.9 - Patera
by Mike Davies
Mike carves an example of a round furniture decoration known as a patera.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.20 - Turning Serviette Rings
by John Ewart
This is a handy project as it doesn't require much timber but it does reinforce basic turning skills including the use of a mandrel.

Rubin Vase
by Aaron Ehrlich
An optical illusion made famous by Danish psychologist, Edgar Rubin, the vase can be perceived as a vase or two people in profile. To make a wooden version of a Rubin vase, Aaron used his granddaughter’s profile.

Beginner Project #17B Natural Edge Winged Burl Bowl
by Ken Wraight
Continuing on from burl selection in the last issue, Ken covers the tips and dangers involved in turning burl and goes on to complete the natural edge winged burl bowl.

Southern BooBook Owl
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn shows how less can be more, by removing most of the background details and using shading, rather than detailing for the rest, to maximise the focus on the owl itself.

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