Issue Number 177

October 2014


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Flat Top Treasure Chest

Market Wares - 5.
Letter Openers/Paper Knives


Hardwood Salad Servers

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.8 -
The Barley Twist

Notes on Woodturning Pt.18 -
Turning a Gavel and Sound Block

Horse Spirit Drum

Dowel Boring Machine

Beginner Project #16 - Tall Burl Vase



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Peter Dumensy made a 'his and her' pair of replica Ansonia King Clocks from figured River Red Gum, using the plans and parts kit from International Timepieces in Adelaide.

Floorclear is a clear oil-based polyurethane finish for interior timber and cork floors. It has a low odour formulation and is suited to surfaces such as benchtops which may require a higher abrasion resistance than conventional clear coatings.

USER REPORT - Bosch PRR 250 ES Sanding Roller
Intended as a specialised sanding device, this unusual power tool is designed to accept sanding rollers, flap wheels and mops, in a configuration that makes them easier and less tiring to use for extended periods.

Melbourne Timber & Working with Wood Show Guide
Details of the last Show for 2014 - at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 24-26 October.

Club Drumbeat
The Melbourne School of Fine Woodworking may sound like a formal teaching organisation, but it's a Club run by a committee of current members and an Operations Manager. It's main focus is the teaching of woodworking and it provides a series of tutor groups and short courses. Operating for over 26 years, the Pittsworth Woodcrafter's Club Inc (QLD) is looking forward to the opening of its new clubhouse.

Good Ideas & Shortcuts
Alan and Peter adapt household electric devices to make electric sanders, Donald makes shelves for holding jars from steel studs and A Rankin solves his scroll saw vibration woes.

USER REPORT - Hammer N3800 Bandsaw
The Austrian made Hammer range has a new smaller bandsaw with the release of the N3800. Designed as a more compact and affordable option to the popular N4400, the N3800 still has the high quality build construction and features of the larger Hammer bandsaws.


Flat Top Treasure Chest
by Neil Scobie
Continuing his popular series of boxes with contrasting panels, Neil has developed this plan for a flat-lid treasure chest. It differs a bit in proportions to Neilís curved top treasure chest, being slightly wider and longer with slimmed down legs.

Market Wares - 5. Letter Openers/Paper Knives
by Denis Burnham
These openers are turned, trimmed on a bandsaw and sanded to their final shape. Quick to make, you can produce one or a dozen, from whatever timber offcuts you have in the workshop.

by Aaron Ehrlich
The phenakistoscope was one of the early steps in the development of 'moving pictures'. Making a working example of the device is a fun project and a novel exercise in woodturning.

Hardwood Salad Servers
by John Swinkels
This longlasting salad server has two features that differentiate it from a simple set of hinged spoons. Two prongs act as a spring to open the server when the pressure is released and when the halves are reversed, it folds neatly for storage.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.8 - The Barley Twist
by Mike Davies
To form a spindle with a barley twist, Mike turns the blank to diameter and then marks it out on the lathe. The carving of the barley twist can be done with the blank still on the lathe or secured on the workbench in a sash clamp.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.18 - Turning a Gavel and Sound Block
by John Ewart
John details the turning of an attractive two-piece handled gavel and a round sound block.

Horse Spirit Drum
by Carolyn McCully
Inspired by a collection of Schleich horse figurines and a Shaman Drum, this pattern utilises a variety of pyrography techniques.

Dowel Boring Machine
by John Hamilton
Dowelling jigs work well when you have a few joints, but if have multiple components to drill, their use is time consuming. Johnís solution is a homemade boring machine based on a portable electric drill.

Beginner Project #16 - Tall Burl Vase
by Ken Wraight
This project is a variant of the tall vase described in the last issue, ie. AWW #176 August 2014. Ken builds on the information provided in the previous article to outline how he makes this more attractive version of the original design.

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Book Reviews
Turning Hollow Forms
by Mark Sanger
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by the editors of Fine Woodworking

DVD Review
Honing and Setting Jointer and Planer Knives
by Hendrik Varju